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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Beatles Beatles Beatles

I'm chillin listening to the Beatles...getting ready to buckle down and work my ass off for school and exams. I've always liked the Beatles but I realized that I didn't really know any of their songs, only 3 or 4. Many of them I recognize if I heard the beat but I wouldn't know how the song would go unless it was sung. So ever since I started my guitar lessons, I've been on this quest to try and get all the Beatles' albums so I would have all their songs within my reach. Essentially, I would like to learn 95% of their songs on the guitar. Why only 95%? Because I know I'm not really fond of the other 5%.

Since my family enjoys karaoke'ing, it would suit me well to know all their songs so my mom and dad - and aunts and uncles - can "jam" with me if the 5000 dollar karaoke mic is missing. Beatles truly do rock.


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